Frequently Asked Questions

Uhl Construction and RoofingQ: Are there roofing products that are eligible for insurance discounts?
A: Yes, several products exist that are eligible for insurance savings. Check with your insurance provider and request a list of qualified products.

Q: Does the customer/homeowner have the right to select any contractor they want? My insurance company said that they have a "Preferred Provider" for me to use and I want to go with someone else for the work.
A: Yes, the customer/homeowner has the right to select any contractor they want to perform the work. The "Preferred Provider" is a contractor that works hand in hand with the insurance company. They have the insurance companies best interest at heart and not the homeowner's. Be careful when selecting a contractor and know that you have the right to select who you want.

Q: I hear people talk about 30 year and 50 year shingles, will those shingles actually last that long?
A: Most likely they will not even come close to lasting that long. Those labels are very misleading and are based upon how long the shingles would last in a perfect environment. The typical 30 year shingle is replaced every 6-8 years on average. The frequency of hail in Kansas takes its toll on roofing products. The 50 year shingle is built to weather more abuse than the 30 year shingle but expect to replace 50 year shingles every 10 years or less.

Q: People seem to be putting on more and more metal roofs. Are metal roofs loud during rainstorms or hail?
A: Usually they are not any louder than a shingle roof. Metal installed directly to a solid deck is the best case scenario.